Ather Existiert !!

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Re: Ather Existiert !!

von Gast » 05. Nov 2009 - 17:49

physikk ist voll intressant ich will mehr wissen

von Gast » 06. Jul 2008 - 16:17

lol.. you have any real idea about Special Relativity ?
your explenation has nothing to do with modern physics anyway.


von nakayama » 23. Feb 2008 - 1:33

Light wave is propagated trough the aether. Emitted point is fixed on the aether. Emitted point is at stand-still on the celestial sphere (remind planetary aberration). Any motion of the light source is neglected (however, trace that is caused by this neglect is visible to observer. it's change of wave length and frequency). Then, on the aether, there is no difference between two light waves come from a star and a galaxy (two are in close proximity on the celestial sphere). So the value of stellar aberration of the two is the same. It's only natural. The value is only determined by the speed of motion of the earth against the aether.


von nakayama » 22. Feb 2008 - 1:23

Doppler effect is caused by relative motion ? No !! When it caused by light source's motion (against aether), wave length is changed. When it caused by observer's motion (against light waves), wave length is not changed. However, this explanation stands up on stellar light. On earthly light, Doppler effect is caused by relative motion between observer and light source (strictly, between observer and light waves. By Ritz's theory).


von nakayama » 19. Feb 2008 - 1:06

Explanation by relative motion is difficult to accept. To explain annual aberration by relative motion, an elliptical motion of a targeted star must be supposed. When another more distant star is targeted, larger elliptical motion must be supposed (unthinkable. then aether exists).


von nakayama » 16. Feb 2008 - 0:01

To disclose the value of secular aberration (and to disclose the motion of the solar system against aether) may be possible theoretically. A star light is coming from just above and waves reach ground just horizontally. On the ground, there are four instruments. Waves of this star light are observed by these. These are at the same point, so the same waves are observed. Now, four instruments each leaves (moves) to north, south, east and west (rotation and revolution of the earth are neglected. Namely, it's supposed that facing direction of the ground to the celestial sphere is fixed). At the starting point, there is a monitor. To this monitor, informations of waves are sent from four instruments (four distances between monitor and four instruments are equal always). Information of four waves are overlapped by this monitor. It's just like one wave from beginning to end (any change is not seen). From above, the true coming direction of this star light (and true position of this star on the celestial sphere) may be disclosed. And by difference between seeming direction, the value of secular aberration may be disclosed also.

Ather Existiert !!

von nakayama » 08. Feb 2008 - 0:44

Allow me to write in English, please.

Following is a thought experiment about aether. A space ship is at a standstill in outer space. If aether exists, this space ship may be in an uniform linear motion against aether. This space ship has an instrument to observe stellar aberration. A star light is visible with this instrument. When this space ship moves toward this star (toward seeming direction), star may disappear. However, when star's position is at either (one of) two poles on the celestial sphere, star may not disappear. From this, we can say that aether exists and the direction of the motion of the space ship against aether is disclosed (in the beginning) under above situation (the space ship moves toward either poles).

And, if it's able to measure the wave length of this (at pole's position) star light directly, the speed of motion against aether may be disclosed also (by comparison between the wave length of light that has passed through glass or has reflected by mirror).

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